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 Meet Tonoa Bond

Tonoa Bond: Guiding clients to make the mindset and inner game shifts that keep them spotlight ready while helping them shatter the limitations of their destiny. 

"Boldness is a pre-requisite to changing your mindset and stepping fully into your destiny.  But you can't be bold if you don't know who you are."  ~ Tonoa Bond 

Who is Tonoa Bond? She is the mindset coach for athletes, entertainers and intrepid visionaries who are living their dreams in a bigger, better, and bolder way. She is known by scores of high achieving individuals as their secret weapon to unleashing their potential, fulfilling their destinies, and remaining spotlight ready while being as bold and audacious as possible! Her clients rely on her fearless insights, first-class methods and the step-by-step accountability and support she provides to make the courageous and confident changes that lead to receiving very big rewards.

In addition to her mindset and inner-game expertise, Tonoa is a human behavior expert, trainer, certified life, mental conditioning and peak performance coach, hypnotherapist, speaker, author, image consultant and Army Veteran. She possesses a master's degree with distinction, summa cum laude, in leadership coaching psychology, a master's level certification (honors) in applied forensic psychology, and is working on a PhD in general psychology focusing on the situational factors that cause human behavior.
She also owns a personal, professional and organizational development company that focuses on training in the modalities of coaching psychology and organizational management.

Affectionately known as "The Audacity Expert", Tonoa helps her clients to develop a shameless boldness in pursuit of their goals, as well as an arrogant disregard for what others may believe is possible, in order to unleash the greatness potential within.  Intrepid by nature, Tonoa is one of the best in the world at helping others to discover and break the beliefs and habits that are holding them back. Born on the South side of Chicago, she blasted her own self-limiting beliefs - one of the core aspects of changing your mindset - and overcame great odds to achieve great things in her life. Living by her motto, "Your dream is bigger than the moment", she uses her life as a testament to show others that they can do so too.

The truest form of her gift is helping others to be exactly who they are; authentic in their greatness, while showcasing it in the best light possible.  Working with Tonoa in person or in her programs, high performers have learned to break free of the self-limiting beliefs that were once holding them hostage and have transcended to levels that they never dreamed possible.  

Tonoa delivers keynote addresses, leads customized seminars, and works one-on-one in a way that empowers people and organizations to work together effectively and be more successful. Her mindset conditioning and peak performance program, Unleash the Beast Within, has gained the interest of NFL sports teams who understand the value in helping their teams to unleash their potential and live every moment to the fullest; both on and off the field. In this program, she discovers the human behavior behind the actions of high performing individuals and athletic teams and empowers them to learn the key elements of how both mindset and mental conditioning affects their actions, choices and results so they can achieve positive and successful experiences in every area of their lives.

Whether you want to shatter your competition, develop the mindset to win in life, or simply become a better person, these are the types of results that you will experience with Tonoa in your corner. If you or your team are in the darkness and are bodaciously ready to step into the spotlight, the queen of audacity is the person to help you get there. Allow Tonoa to guide you out of your limitations and into your destiny. Working with her, you will become the person of your dreams by discovering the secret of you, which will help you to achieve a breakthrough in your thinking thus creating a breakthrough in your life.

So... are you ready to be unleashed??? Prove it! Contact us to work with Tonoa today! Or join her live at: http://www.UnleashTheBeastLive.com.

"Your dreams are waiting for you; you just have to have the audacity to believe it!" ~ Tonoa Bond

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