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 Audio CD's

Audio CD's to help you live your dreams in a bigger, better, bolder way! 

  • Short on time?  Tonoa's Mini-Motivation Audio Series are power-packed audios that will inspire you to be the best you that you can be all in 30 minutes or less. 
  • Looking to settle down for a lengthier class to enhance your personal YOUniversity and learn the tools to change your life?  Tonoa's full-length audio series will educate you to be the best you that you can be.  The full-length series include downloadable worksheets and lesson plans to help you become the you that you are destined to be. 



We all face moments in our lives where it seems as if it would be better if our lives simply came to an end instead of forcing us to go through what we are going through.  Or moments where we are tempted to allow outer distractions to stop us from fulfilling our purpose.

Join Tonoa in this mini-motivational CD as she gives you the tools to transcend your current conditions and to step fully into your purpose remembering that regardless of what it is that you are facing right now, "Your Dreams, your purpose, your intentions here on this earth, are Bigger Than the Moment"

  $9.97; Includes S&H



Focus is the key to living your dreams in a bigger, better, bolder way.  Time to laser in on what it is that you want so that you can have the life that you desire.

Join Tonoa in this mini-motivational CD as she gives you the tools to become armed & dangerous.  Listen and learn  to Follow One Course Until Successful (FOCUS) so that you can have the life that you deserve.  Thinking alike

  $9.97; Includes S&H



Did you know that your dreams have their own internal Global Positioning Satellite System?  All you need to do is to plug in the proper coordinates and everything that you are destined to have will be at your fingertips.

Join Tonoa as she helps you learn how to locate the proper coordinates and redirect your life so that you can move forward in the direction of your dreams.

Includes downloadable worksheet:

  $19.97; Includes S&H

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