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 Tonoa's Beliefs

What I Believe:


I offer myriad coaching programs to challenge you to activate the Audacity Quotient Ô in your life so that you can live the bold, audacious life that you were destined to live and they are outlined below.  However, first let me tell you what Coaching others to live their dreams means to me.  There are many definitions to coaching and what life coaches offer and they all differ based upon the coaches education, style and beliefs. So you've read about my educational background in the About Tonoa section, so here is a little bit about what my style and what I believe:


I believe that we were born to actualize and live out our purpose, which is our only true motive in life. I believe that we are not now nor have we ever been victims of our circumstances but that we have unlimited abilites and power to craft our lives in whatever way we so choose. Our lives are not dictated by outside forces but by our beliefs and how we feel about said beliefs. How do we interpret the world and see ourselves in it? What do we feel about our lives and the choices that we have made? How does our past make us feel and are we willing to do anything about it? It is our emotions that rule our behaviors and once we understand this; once we get a handle on how we feel about things and not just what we think about things then our lives will begin to change for the better.


I believe in asking tough questions so that you will get honest answers.  I believe in celebrating you and teaching you how to celebrate yourself.  I believe in you... and I will believe in you until you can believe in yourself.  I believe that you have a gift that will change and save this world and it is my hope that after coaching, training, mentoring and masterminding with me that you will begin to believe it too and that you will hold on to that belief and allow it to guide and frame your life!


The key to living your dreams lies in being able to change your beliefs. To create a new vision on the inside of you so that you can live the life that you were destined to live. If you don't like the world you currently live in then change it! As a coach, I will push you to get to know yourself in a way that you have never known yourself before. I will not allow you to make excuses, but to look at yourself in truth so that you can become the person that you already are. I will empower you to see regain your power and boldly travel the road that you have been destined to travel. You are the you that you have been waiting for and the world is ready and waiting for your and your gift. Are you ready? Do you have the audacity to believe that the sky is not the limit and that you can have anything in this world that you so desire?  Well, I'm ready to believe it for you... so then what are you waiting for?


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