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From the Desk of Tonoa Bond
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Audacious One:

What self-imposed glass ceilings have you placed on your life... And what are you willing to do about it? 

From the time you were born, you have taken in information through your five senses that is crafted in a way that helps you to survive.  This survival mechanism is crafted in the subconscious mind and forms your belief system or the principles that unconsciously guide your life.  Some beliefs or principles serve you and some don't.  And it is the one's that don't that are misguiding you, leaving you fearful to create the lives that you want because of the fear that acting outside of said principle for whatever reason may cause you to not survive.

When it comes to reconditioning your beliefs so that you can live the bigger, better, bolder dreams that your destiny is made for, the first thing that you have to remember is that you are motivated to action because of the unique guiding principles that have been formed in your life.  And the manner in which these guiding principles rule your life is based on how you have been conditioned. 

Growling Bear_Smallest
Belief - Emotion - Action - Reward

In a nutshell, your mindset/belief system is a BEAR (Belief = Emotion = Action = Reward).  When we fail to do the work to make the unconscious triggers in our lives conscious, situations or life events will lead you to the BELIEF that you have always believed, this will trigger the same EMOTION that is always triggered, which will then inspire you to take the same ACTION that you have always taken, giving you the same REWARD that you always received.  The reward that you unconsciously believed you deserved at that moment.


You have to be willing to do the deep work required to remove the triggers in your life so that you will stop feeding into the doubts, negativity and limitations.   Because regardless of how badly you want something, if your underlying unconscious belief (the one that is calling the shots) begins to growl and expresses a belief that is deeply rooted in the cellular level of your memory, you will not have whatever it is that you want because the subconscious will win.  And until you do the work it will always win - no if, ands, or buts about it!  I mean, really... have you ever tried to fight a bear?

"I help you learn to recognize & create opportunity so that you can
boldly stand in your truth and be that which you are destined to be."

When it comes to what I do, I AM A BEAST!  I am trained to skillfully delve into the inner workings of your psyche and help you to uncover and push past those things that are holding you hostage.  I know how to stand rooted in the environment of your mind and instinctively move you through terrain that you'd previously felt too dangerous to trod.  And I equip you with the tools to turn that pain into energy for your purpose.

After a full day spent with me your life will never be the same.  You will see yourself as the force that you are and boldly and unabashedly make room for your greatness to be unleashed.  So... are you ready?

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