The Abundance Shift

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."

                                                                                                                                                   ~ Wayne Dyer


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 The Abundance Shift: Master Your Mindset to Master Your Money

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"Intangible changes in our lives begin with an intangible belief in the dream.  It's time to UNLEASH the financial beast on the inside of you so that you can live your dreams in a bigger, better and bolder way!  Make the abundance shift today!"


~  Tonoa Bond

Today is

From the Desk of Tonoa Bond
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Audacious One:

Abundance is so much more than money.  However, when we think of experiencing change on an abundant level, the first thing that many think of is money.  And it is this thought of money, or the lack thereof, that depressing some and causes others to believe that their dreams may not be possible.

When we look at the financial crisis that is now affecting so many across the globe, the most wide-spread thought in the minds of many who are struggling to pay their bills or watching others struggle to pay their bills is this:

"I've tried everything that I can think of and nothing is working. What can I do
to immediately make more money because I am out of options?"

And while I do understand the level of pain that could have driven them to make this type of statement, I also hurt because so many people are out there chasing their tails and spinning on the hamster wheels of life not knowing that they are their own worst enemy.

Hamster Wheel

They are running in circles and self-sabotaging their own success because they don't know that it's their own belief about money and how it is supposed to show up in their lives that is causing them the most pain.

"Tonoa Bond has been a true friend and blessing. As a Life Coach, Tonoa strategically integrated coaching techniques, psychological theories and sound biblical doctrine to assist me in a healthier, more abundant lifestyle.  Tonoa provided weekly assignments designed to show my personal strengths as well as a plan of action for daily affirmations.  Her coaching also taught me how to work through procrastination and manage my time better.  Before Tonoa's coaching began, I only contemplated going back to school for my master's degree and returning to the workforce. I have just completed my Master of Psychology program and have successfully integrated into the workforce as a personal banker for a major bank.  And a year after coaching with Tonoa, I am able to utilize these same core principles that she taught me to shape and guide my life.  I think that Tonoa has a brilliant mind and a heart of gold.  And she is well equipped to help many people of diverse ethnic groups and backgrounds."

Shellye Thompson

Shellye Thompson

We have been conditioned, from a very early age, to have a certain mindset about money. And if we don't believe that we are worthy of more -- worthy of the finer things in life then although we may consciously say out of our mouths that we need more money, we will do everything in our power to make sure that the money we know we need leaves us before it ever has a chance to reach us.


So this means that no matter how many jobs you have, no matter how much overtime you work or how many loans you take out, money will always be a problem in your life if you don't know the root of your beliefs about money.

When you get it, it will develop wings and grow, flying out of your proverbial piggy bank, because whatever you beleive you are not supposed to have you will get rid of. And you will spend it all on useless things that cannot be accounted for to satisfy this unconscious belief and to make it come true.

Money Flying Out of Bank

So, Tonoa, if I want money and need it, why would my beliefs demand otherwise?

Because mindset is the most important part about making your dreams come true. But an unmastered mindset is a beast all it's own.

Bear Growling

In a nutshell, your belief system is a BEAR (Belief = Emotion = Action = Reward).  When we fail to do the work to make the unconscious triggers in our lives conscious, situations or life events will lead you to the BELIEF that you have always believed, this will trigger the same EMOTION that is always triggered, which will then inspire you to take the same ACTION that you have always taken, giving you the same REWARD that you always received.  The reward that you unconsciously believed you deserved at that moment.


In order to have the financial reward that say you want, you have to stop feeding into the doubts, negativity and limitations.   You have to be willing to do the deep work required to remove the triggers in your life that cause you to sabotage and spend what you don't have.  Because regardless of how badly you want something, if your underlying unconscious belief (the one that is calling the shots) begins to growl and bare it's fangs of belief deeply rooted in the cellular level of your memory, you will not have whatever it is that you want because the subconscious will win.  And until you do the work it will always win - no if, ands, or buts about it! 

I mean, really... have you ever tried to fight a bear?

It's time to UNLEASH your own internal beast! Time to do the work required, on a deep cellular level, to master your mindset so that you can master your money.

Don't let 2012 catch you with your piggy bank unsecured. We are entering a new season of spiritual connectedness. And this will be a time like never before. It has nothing to do with religion, or how you serve a God that you may or may not believe in. AND I AM NOT TELLING YOU HOW TO SERVE OR BELIEVE. I simply want to help you train your belief system and recondition your mindset so that you can have everything that you are destined to have.

This new time that we are entering has everything to do with having a profound understanding of who you are, what you want and what you have been destined for. You need to develop the fundamental, unwavering principles that will guide your life to success so that you can create abundance in your life on every level and at all times.

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