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 Tonoa's Inner Circle of Success 





Hi Fellow Dreamers:

Research has proven that the people we surround ourselves with influence our lives, how we feel about our current situations and the level of success that we seek.  This means that surrounding yourself with positive people is tantamount to Living Your Dreams.  And it is here that you can begin!


Here is up close and personal with me as I use my life and the knowledge that I have gleaned along the way, both personal and professional, to guide you into the greatness that you seek.  And to do this, I want to invite you into my life by extending an invitation to join my Inner Circle.


My personal Inner Circle of Success was designed with you in mind!  I've created an atmospheres where I can spend time with you each month, in myriad ways that span technology, to pump you with the knowledge that you need about yourself and about your life to help you to recondition your faulty thinking so that you can begin the process of making your dreams come true!


Under my personal guidance, you will receive a lot of coaching, a lot of inspiration and a lot of motivation for a little bitty cost.  You will learn that it is okay to be yourself, allowing yourself to learn from and share your life with others.  My personal Inner Circle of Success is a place where you will learn life strategy tools to help you to create your roadmap to success and be the person you have always dreamed you would be.


Coaching is something that we all need, at every step of our lives and at every point in achieving our dreams.   And many believe that they cannot afford such an inalienable right.  Well, as a member of my personal Inner Circle, you will receive one-on-one time with me, you will receive group time with me, and you will learn from a dreamer the exact steps that you need to take within your own psyche so that you can implement your goals and achieve your dreams.   My individual rates for coaching start at $300 and hour.  Here you will be receiving the same types of services that my individual clients receive for pennies on the dollar.   And I am SO excited to be able to provide you with this opportunity.







1.  Monthly 1-Hour Group Tele-Classes w/ life strategy tools geared towards helping you to recondition your subconscious mind ($800 monthly value)


2.  Worksheets to take notes for each month's call


3.  Special Guests: Periodic special guests who will come and share with you their secrets to success and tools for you to Live Your Dreams!


4.  Links to listen online to each month's call recording, so even if you cannot make the call that month you won't have missed a thing.  Password Protected Site.


5.  A Yahoo Groups password so that you can mastermind with the rest of the team throughout the month.


6.  BONUS:  A FREE 30-minute Boldness Booster individual session with Tonoa


7.  Special members only pricing for any of Tonoa's upcoming teleclasses or Live Events.


8.  Monthly Cyber Get Togethers (*COMING SOON - IDEA IN DEVELOPMENT*):

  • Game or Movie Nights.  Grab your popcorn, fire up your computer and join us on the web as we watch a movie together or bond over cyber games.  Use this time to bond with your fellow Inner Circle family while you allow your subconscious to relax, putting you one step closer to Living Your Dreams.  Suggestions are welcomed. 

Now, you're probably thinking this is where I ask you for an arm, leg and major bodily organ… right? Not at all! The price for my personal Inner Circle is affordable, so much so in fact that you are going to think that I am crazy for asking for what I am asking for.  But I'm not crazy trust me. I just want the best for you and am desperate to see you achieving and living your dreams and want that you receive the best that I have to offer at a price that is affordable to you.

The price for my Personal Inner Circle of Success is only $47 a month.  Yep, that's it.  No hidden fees or costs.  You will receive all of the above-mentioned coaching for pennies on the dollar.  And I am SO HAPPY to be able to do this for you.



The benefits of this program are definitely worth the investment of  your time.  And as there is no obligation you can cancel at anytime.  And even if you do cancel, you will always be a part of my heart. 

So if you are ready for results then join me for this powerful Inner Circle today!  As soon as you join you will have access to the password protected site which contains the entire Inner Circle of Success Library.

Looking forward to sharing my life with you!

And remember to always Live Your Dreams!

Your Audacity Coach!

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