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VIP Bling

Imagine What You Can Accomplish Working With Me As Your Private VIP Mindset Intensive Coach For An Entire Day!

This program is great for those who know who they are, know the great things that they have accomplished in their lives and still want to accomplish more -- and the want it all NOW

This highly focused, mindset intensive VIP day is designed for the person who is ready to do the work to recondition their belief system so that they can shift their paradigms and transcend their current level of thinking.

This is an entire day with Tonoa (and you may bring a partner, if desired, for business or relationship building), addressing your challenges and reconditioning your belief system so that you can shift your paradigms and transcend your current level of creating.

When it comes to what she does, Tonoa is a BEAST!  She is trained to skillfully probe the inner workings of your psyche and help you to uncover and push past those things that are holding you hostage.  She will stand rooted in the environment of your mind to instinctively move you through the insidious terrain of your past that you'd previously felt too dangerous to trod.  And she will use this VIP session to equip you with the tools you need to turn that pain into energy for your purpose.

After a full day spent with Tonoa your life will never be the same.  After this intensive session (and it is intense), you will begin to see yourself as the force that you are. You will boldly and unabashedly give yourself permission to remove the self-imposed glass ceiling that has been holding you stagnant so that you can make room for the inner beast of greatness to be unleashed.  So... are you ready? 

When you look up the word 'Audacity', Tonoa Bond should be the combination that Google hoists to the top of their list. Not only does she teach people how have the shameless boldness to live their dreams, she embraces the experience by being her message.

Personally, I was stuck in the sand of stress, and truly had no idea that I had actually fused it with such binding confinement. In spending time with Tonoa, she proceeded to guide me out of the stress quicksand, and into the right mindset. Her awareness completely shifted me out of my funk, and into my greatness. Her boldness in calling out exactly what she knew I needed to eliminate is truly a gift, and something that I am extremely thankful for.

I have watched Tonoa in action making a difference in the lives of many. I have seen friends and colleagues flourish by her "tell it like it is...with class" style. I have to say... everything I have seen Tonoa do does not compare with the first hand experience of the "AHA" that she so valiantly blessed me with.

I have much respect and appreciation for who Tonoa Bond is, not just to me...but to everyone fortunate enough to have crossed her path of truth and honor.

Jacqueline Hadden

Jacqueline Hadden, The Conscious Connector
Jacqueline Hadden Enterprises

I have to say, Tonoa Bond is a True Gem, and when it comes to what she does she is definitely a BEAST! Informative, knowledgeable and caring, she is the epitome of support and guidance. When it comes to Self-Help, Tonoa's instruction and audacious counsel undoubtedly does appreciable service to the psyche, soul & spirit. In the short time I've known of her, she's helped me tremendously. Work with her. Once you do, you'll see what I mean.

Timon Kyle Durrett
Actor & Visual Artist


VIP days require you to travel to Tonoa's current location.  She is free to travel to your city and meet with you (Additional travel and hotel expenses will apply).

An in-person VIP day is an 8-hour day that occurs between the hours of 9a - 5p local time to city chosen.

Day can be scheduled live in person, virtually via telephone or video (Skype or Oovoo).  Virtual VIP Day sessions can also be split into two days (additional administration fees may apply).

On the day of your live VIP session, you will meet with Tonoa in a meeting room located in the hotel of her choice.

There are three areas that we can tap into: You, your relationships or your business. (Due to the way our current mental conditioning works these three areas are likely to blend together at some point).

The VIP Day Will Include:

8 hours of Tonoa's focused one-on-one time
Customized mindset blueprint of the guiding principles that rule your life
Pre-session self-work assignments
One (1) customized Coach-In-A Box Mindset Reconditioning System ($997 Value)
Customized deep relaxation script and CD
Unlimited eCoaching via email or text messaging for 30 days following your VIP day
BONUS: One 60-min accountability session w/in 30 days following your VIP day
BONUS: One night hotel stay included (at the hotel of Tonoa's choice)
BONUS: VIP style Lunch, healthy snacks and drinks will be served

*Virtual VIP Day will include 6 hours by phone or Skype at a fraction of the full day price.

"Having Tonoa Bond as a coach was not only a blessing for me but it was also such an eye-opener. She taught me how to recondition my thought process and be more aware of the words I spoke. Upon doing so, using the techniques, principles, and self-reflecting exercises, I notice the transformation in my thinking process, speech, behaviors, and actions. I was challenged to dig deep within myself and confront some things that weren't so pretty, yet discovered many qualities that I didn’t know I had in me. She challenged me to get to the root of things, and as a result I am able to move forward in all areas of my life with clarity, with purpose, with confidence, and with audacity. It wasn’t the easiest task to do, but it was necessary and well worth it. I even experienced a natural high from the inner peace, joy, and pure bliss I felt from doing her exercise. It was exhilarating. Tonoa’s approach is honest, professional, genuine, and on-point. I loved the thought- provoking analogies she used to explain concepts; they often left me speechless and empowered. She knows exactly what she is doing and how to do it. If you are not serious then this is not the coach for you. But if you are ready for a change in lifestyle and willing to dive in head first, starting from the inside out, then I would highly recommend Tonoa Bond as your coach. You will get your money worth. It is a much needed investment and gift to yourself, and your return on this investment (a better you operating at your full potential) is priceless."

Sharisa T. Roberston,
Founder of Lilies of the Field


Tonoa requires an application and laser interview with herself or a member of her team for VIP day status to be activated.

There is also a non-refundable application fee of $500 to hold your space, and includes a 60-minute Unleash Breakthrough Mindset Coaching Session.  The application fee is transferable and will be deducted from your VIP Day balance.

PLEASE NOTE:  During our time together in this intensive look into your belief system, you may not be comfortable, and you will challenged at nearly every turn; but if you show up ready and willing to give 100% you will definitely be unleashed!

To discuss your individual situation with Tonoa and begin the interview process, please contact us at 800-301-5009 x847 (VIP).

Want to get started today?  Book your Unleash Breakthrough Mindset Coaching Session by paying below.  The application and link to schedule the coaching session will be sent to you once payment is received.

To Inquire For Rates & Availability or to Start Your Interview Process Contact Team Tonoa Today!
Call: 800-301-5009 x847 (VIP)

*This is a 5-Figure Coaching Commitment
*Serious Inquiries only please

Want Tonoa to know you're ready to start? Pay your deposit now! (Deposit includes a 60-minute One-on-One Unleash Breakthrough Mindset Coaching Session) 

Tonoa, I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I am shouting your praises!  Ever since our session my life has been changed inside out!  The insights you offered me were just what I needed to breakthrough that self limiting belief I have had for so many years!!!!  I simply cannot thank you enough Tonoa!

~ Susan Davis
(Social Media Marketer)

"Tonoa's expertise, warm personality and direct approach make her positively bold in her work. I can say from personal experience that she definitely commands clients to step into their boldness and to shamelessly go after their dreams. After a day of working with her you will know that life is calling you to BE... and as Tonoa always says, no one knows what that "BE" is more than you and she will be right there every step of the way to help you find out. Cheers to you Tonoa!"

Antoinette Sykes, MBA
Online Marketing Coach-sultant

Tonoa VIP 

"Regardless of how conscious you are about your life or how much you really want things in your life to change, the self-imposed glass ceiling that you have erected in your life, relationships or business still exists. And this limitation will always exist until you find someone to become your mirror; that person who will help you to rise above the current levels of your conditioning - that place where you are currently existing - so that you can finally live the life you have been destined to live!  So... are you ready to work with me so that your greatness can be unleashed?"


~  Tonoa Bond

To Inquire For Rates & Availability or to Start Your Interview Process Contact Team Tonoa Today!
Call: 800-301-5009 x847 (VIP)

*This is a 5-Figure Coaching Commitment
*Serious Inquiries only please

Want Tonoa to know you're ready to start? Pay your deposit now! (Deposit includes a 60-minute One-on-One Unleash Breakthrough Mindset Coaching Session) 

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